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Hey, I'm Korey, and I love Revolutionary Girl Utena , Dangan Ronpa, and I'm obsessed with Yuri. I'm a Queer girl and if you want, please talk to me.

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poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

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What’s beautiful about the insult “entry level anime nerd” is that every way you respond makes you sound worse. So it’s true that you’ve only seen a few mainstream anime? You are a WEAK nerd. You’ve actually seen a ton of cool obscure anime? You are a HUGE nerd. Into the locker.

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gonna get tattoos of dogs on my arms and then get really buff so when i see a fly cutie i can be like “excuse me, but do you know where a vet is? because i’ve got some SICK PUPPIES” and then i’ll flex so hard my shirt sleeves rip and they’re blown away by my arms, my devotion to dogs, and my sense of humor



I have a headcanon that each of the Madoka Girls’ personalities and experiences is based on one of the five stages of grief. Homura is denial (her refusal to accept Madoka’s death and her hopeless determination to save her, even though trying to do so will slowly worsen her situation); Kyoko is anger (at what she did to her family, and the way she sees Sayaka at first); Mami is bargaining (her wish – ‘to live on’); Sayaka is depression (when she beguines to lose faith in everyone and eventually becomes a witch); and Madoka is of course acceptance. She sees hope even in the bleakest of situations and sacrifices herself to save everyone, even though she knows that not everything can be changed back to the way it was.

Another headcanon I would like to share! It;s not mine but you guys deserve to see it it’s amazing!


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