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Hey, I'm Korey, and I love Revolutionary Girl Utena , Dangan Ronpa, and I'm obsessed with Yuri. I'm a Queer girl and if you want, please talk to me.

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"Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night."
— William Blake (via ancient-serpent)
Warning to writers



While you are worrying about whether beta readers will steal your ideas, there is a more genuine threat on the horizon.

When offered a publishing contract, please do all your research before you sign. There are a number of fakes and scammers out there, as well as good-intentioned amateurs that don’t know how to get your work to a wide audience. I won’t tell the heartbreaking stories here - there are too many.

Being published badly is worse than being never published.

It can destroy your career and your dreams.

The quick check is to google the publishing house name + scam or warning.


But, to be sure, check with these places first. They aren’t infallible (nothing is) but they can help you protect yourself. They are written and maintained by expereinced writers, editors, publishers and legal folks.

Absolute Write: Bewares and Background Checks

Preditors and editors

Writer Beware

and the WRITER BEWARE blog

Keep yourself and your work safe.

This is really important, so if you are a writer or have writer friends, or you are a writing blog, please reblog it.

Just to let you know, PublishAmerica changed their name to America Star Books.


Beatrice Offor - The Crystal Gazer


"Right I’ll get out of bed in a minute."
*cat sits on you*
“Oh no”


I was not fucking ready